Store & Ship With Boveda





Without Boveda in your packaging, you lose control over quality once the truck leaves the dock. This costs you in product returns, lost time and most critically, damage to your brand. With Boveda, you don’t have to leave your reputation to unpredictable elements in the supply chain.
Boveda responds to changing temperature and humidity by adding or removing moisture to maintain the ideal humidity level in your packaging. This means that your customers experience your brand in the same perfect condition, every time.
With no maintenance or activation, Boveda is a very simple insurance policy against all the negative things that cost you money.
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Food Packaging -  There’s a Boveda RH for virtually any packaged food. With the right Boveda RH in existing food packaging, we’re exceeding traditional definitions of shelf life.

Herbal - Boveda 62 has been exploding into the herbal market because of what it does – it unlocks smell, color, flavor and texture – all allowing the herb to burn cooler. Store your herbs with Boveda and you’ll never lose the quality you paid for.


Raisins & Dried Fruit - Raisins and various dried fruits that become too dry are hard to chew and can lose their color, taste and vitamins. Dried fruits that become too moist will grow mold. So how do you ensure that your fruit stays soft and supple without molding for when you are ready to enjoy? With Boveda.