Boveda for Food Storage

Boveda for food storage is all about maintaining freshness, extending shelf life, and delivering a product as fresh as the day it was packaged.

Think of all the food you’ve thrown out in your life because it expired in your fridge or pantry. Those are real dollars that went in the trash. Food often goes bad because it simply gains or loses moisture. Maintain the proper humidity level inside the containers you already have, and you can not only extend their life but notice a very real difference in the quality of your cooking and baking.
Just place a Boveda of the right RH (relative humidity) in your existing air-tight container and Boveda will add and remove moisture as necessary to maintain the ideal humidity, with zero risks to anything through direct contact. Boveda needs replacement when they give up their water and start becoming rigid. When left in the original packaging, Boveda has a two-year shelf life.